Health & Food Safety HACCP





To succeed in Food & Beverage Industry career, it is of vital importance to fully understand the Food Safety and Hygiene requirements applicable within your working environment. Knowledge of HACCP principles will further develop your knowledge, as well as help you to better focus on particular needs of your working place.

This training includes the basics for Food Handling positions requiring the correct knowledge of hygiene, food handling and food safety.

This course is ideally suited to:

  • People who would like to start a professional career within the food industry.
  • People already holding positions related to Food Handling and generally would like to improve or refresh their knowledge.
  • People that handle food or are involved in food-related operations.
  • Hospitality and Hotel industry professional holding a food handling positions and working in Restaurant, Bar, Kitchen and Room Service.
  • Cruise Industry Food & Beverage professionals holding a food handling positions on board and working in Restaurant, Bar, Galley and Room Service Departments.
  • Employees in contact with customers or cleaning of any nature.
  • People who generally would like to improve their skills and knowledge.

Course consists of 1 Theoretical Module

To be completed individually at your own time.

Theoretical assessment consisting 50 questions on the covered topics:

  1. Food Safety Management & HACCP
  2. Sanitary Facilities and Equipment
  3. Microbiological Contaminants
  4. Conditions for Bacteria Growth
  5. Major Foodborne Illnesses
    1. Bacteria
    2. Foodborne Intoxications
    3. Toxin-mediated Infections
    4. Viral Foodborne Illnesses
    5. Parasite Foodborne Illnesses
  6. Fungi
  7. Plant Toxins
  8. Allergens
  9. Food Safety
    1. Safe Food Handling
    2. Thermometers
    3. Purchasing
    4. Receiving
    5. Storing
    6. Preparing
    7. Cooking
    8. Cooling
    9. Holding
    10. Serving
  10. Cleaning and Sanitizing
  11. Integrated Pest Management
  12. Food Safety Regulations and Standards


  1. Progress International Certification  – issued after successful completion of the theoretical assessment with minimum accepted result of 80%.
  2. Only maximum 3 exam attempts are acceptable to be certificated.
  3. Candidates who did not pass the exam the 3rd time, can contact us to understand the reason and find a positive mutual solution.