Train The Trainer Refresher (Level 1) Theory




To refresh your training techniques and skills, and gain a better focus on individual participants needs with the ability to facilitate learning. This training includes the basics material for Trainers to refresh their application of training methodology, presentation skills, training management and training delivery.

Course to be completed at your own time and pace.


  • Trainers who already have a full Progress International Train The Trainer (Level 1) certification and want to proceed with Train The Trainer (Level 2).
  • Cruise Industry professionals holding the on board positions, such as Learning Officers, Human Resources Director, Head of Department, Managers and Supervisors, and  who already completed the Train The Trainer (Level 1) in the past and want to proceed with Train The Trainer (Level 2).
  • People holding Managerial and Supervisory positions and are eligible to fast track Train The Trainer (Level 1) certification.

Course Content

  1. Personality Shapes
  2. Learner Types
  3. Learning Cycle
  4. Group Dynamics
  5. Motivation
  6. Assertive Approach
  7. Time Management
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Training Preparation & Setup
  10. Training Methodology

Once completed, you are required to take the final assessment in the form of an online test.


Progress International Train The Trainer (Level 1) Refresh Theory certificate will be issued after successful completion of the theoretical assessment with minimum accepted result of 80%.